October 04, 2011
Finally Edguy have picked the winnig review in the Amazon-contest. The lucky winner is Karl-Heinz Tritschler from Heilbronn. His review will be published here shortly. Congratulations!
October 03, 2011
Hey people, this is Tobi writing! I wanna thank you all for your kind words and get-well greetings. Again, I am sorry for having caused trouble to many of you, who had plans to attend some of the shows. But I really had to take a break, and the good thing about it is: I am back on track! Still feeling a little shaky, but the voice is good and the fever is gone, so I am looking forward to seeing you all in Filderstadt tomorrow. From now on the tour will continue as planned and the three shows in Essen, Fulda and Bamberg have been rescheduled:

Oct 25 Essen, Grugahalle
Oct 26 Fulda, Wartenbergoval
Oct 27 Bamberg, Arena
September 30, 2011
The shows that were supposed to happen this weekend and had to be postponed are now rescheduled.  Edguy will play Essen on Oct 25th, Fulda on Oct 26th and Bamberg on Oct 27th. Tickets remain valid, if you wanna go there and don't have a ticket yet. Fulda is sold out, but for the other two shows tickets are still available for pre-sale.
September 30, 2011
Due to a virus infection and an accute laryngitis that Tobias Sammet has been diagnosed with, Edguy have to postpone the concerts in Essen, Fulda and Bamberg this weekend. The band is working on rescheduling the concerts in late October. Tickets remain valid! "I am really sorry, it is the second consecutive tour this shit happens to me! I have just returned from the phoniatrics unit of the university hospital Essen, because I so desperately wanted to play those shows this coming weekend, but my throat just says 'no'. It doesn't work. I sincerely apologize to all of you who might be disappointed, be sure I must be the most disappointed one myself. We'll do everything to reschedule those dates after the regular tour is finished, we keep you updated regarding the dates. - Tobi"
September 27, 2011
Iron Maiden have Eddie, Kiss have make-up, but we got the Electric Hellhound. Bombers, eagles, motorcycles and muscles, you've seen it all you think? Well, a new era of live shows has begun: The age of the joker will go down in history as the AGE OF THE ELECTRIC HELLHOUND! Check this out and the cheops pyramids and Mount Rushmore will be just a mere joke! A few months ago we had the first vision, that we wanted to do something special on this tour. So we hired former Rosaviakosmos engineer Igor Koroljow (just google him!). Igor's been one of the leading engineers in the secret part of the Buran program. Well, he literally build that fucker in his basement with his own hands. Anyway, Igor was really helpful and with his experience, his passion, his loyalty, enthusiasm, and his access to the right resources it was almost easy to create what you are about witness during the next shows (wherever we can build it up, we're not gonna take a risk, you know. This fucker is mean!). We had the vision of this Electric Hellhound long ago, but it was too dangerous. Remember, you have to be careful when playing high velocity Heavy Metal because there'll be mechanical fatigue, not to mention the emanation of coolness involved, so we also wanna thank Roy Plunkett for the polytetrafluoroethylene pieces in that regard. Without you the Electric Hellhound would be an electric polar bear, which wouldn't make a difference technically, but it doesn't sound as half as cool. So people, watch out: Cause I may ride the Electric Hellhound! It might be dangerous 'cause if you push the wrong button or kick down the pedal a millisecond too long you won't end up in the sky but in the year 2070. It's a fucking monster, and only the best can keep it under control! But I do it for you, the greatest fans in the world. Hail and kill! - Tobi
September 27, 2011
Three days ago Edguy's AGE OF THE JOKER TOUR has kicked off in Malmö, Sweden. After having sold out the Zlin show in advance and Gothenburg at the doors, next Saturdays's show in Fulda, Angersbach has now sold out as well - tickets are no longer available. If you are from the middle of Germany and wanna see the show, you might wanna get a ticket for the show in Langen, Bamberg or Filderstadt. Check the tourdates for details!

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