August 28, 2011
Edguy's new album AGE OF THE JOKER is out now! And now you'll have the exclusive chance to win a meet and greet with Germany‘s biggest Heavy Metal band that started out since the late eighties. All you have to do is enjoy the new masterpiece AGE OF THE JOKER and post a review at, and/or Simply write what you think about the new album, and after posting it at Amazon send a copy of your review with your contact information here at After that you'll just have to wait for Edguy to personally choose the best written and best suited review. Once chosen, it will be published here at, and the reviewer of the winning article will be invited to meet Edguy backstage on the band's forthcoming tour (see tour section or - if your country is not in the list - wait for the next legs of the tour).

Please note, that travel costs will not be covered, you and one of your friends will just get access to meet the guys on tour! Edguy are looking forward to hearing your opinions, hope you love the album as much as they do, and wish you the best of luck!

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August 26, 2011
Today Edguy's brand new album AGE OF THE JOKER has been released. The handsigned edition at is no longer available, all 3000 copies have sold out this morning, before most CD stores had even opened. If you wanna make sure to get one of the limited 2-CD digipack versions, click here.
August 26, 2011
Time has come to ring in a new age in Heavy Metal: The "AGE OF THE JOKER"!!! Having topped the Amazon charts of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal for weeks this masterpiece of Germany's finest has almost knocked out the server at Amazon. And now the wait is over: AGE OF THE JOKER ("The Heavy Metal highlight of the year!" - Rock Hard, F) hits the stores! Germany's biggest internationally acclaimed band in Heavy Metal since the late 80's strikes back with a killer album. Fans and press alike consider AGE OF THE JOKER the best Edguy album of all time! Below you can listen to the songs and get your own impression, to order the album click here!
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August 25, 2011
On August 26th Edguy will release their long awaited new album AGE OF THE JOKER! The limited-2-CD version with a hand signed joker-card (hand signed!) is almost sold out. It‘s exclusively available via Amazon!
August 25, 2011
The new album AGE OF THE JOKER is also available as a boxset, strictly limited to ONLY 750 (!!!) units worldwide. Make sure you get this ultra rare collector‘s item while supplies last because in a few years it will be a precious and pricy rarity. Every box contains a beautiful hardcover box in vinyl format, the gatefold 2-vinyl, a bonus picture vinyl, the new album 2-CD-version, two posters, a glossy photo-card set, and the whole box comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Click here to check out the beautiful boxset!

August 23, 2011
On August 26th EDGUY will release their new album AGE OF THE JOKER ("The Metal highlight of the year" - Rock Hard, France). On Saturday 27th, 11:00 PM and Sunday 28th 11:00 PM the German TV-channel iMusic1 will broadcast an Edguy special on the show "iMusic1 ROCKS" ( You can also watch the show 48 hours later at!

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