June 02, 2011
This is your chance to be among the first fans worldwide to see the amazing new cover artwork for AGE OF THE JOKER. All you have to do is register now to get access to the mysterious, forbidden, and wicked section of this website: The Hellfire Club! It's all free, and if you sign up now you will also be able to have an exclusive pre-listening of the album shortly, we will keep you updated on what's going on in the Edguy camp (it's called a newsletter, we will NOT spam you with bullshit, only with real news!).

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May 06, 2011
The time has come: In September EDGUY, one of Germany‘s biggest internationally acclaimed guitar driven bands in recent music history will set out on the road again in support of their forthcoming album “AGE OF THE JOKER“ (worldwide release in August 2011). What is going to be EDGUY‘s 9th studio effort will also mark the band‘s first ‘real‘ album in almost three years; three years in which the band has toured Europe, Asia, Australia, North-, Central- and South America. And it‘s been the activities in those years that had a determining influence on forthcoming tour plans: After last year‘s chart-breaking collaboration between EDGUY vocalist Tobias Sammet and Klaus Meine of the SCORPIONS in “AVANTASIA“ and EDGUY‘s successful arena tour as the SCORPIONS' special guest, now it‘s time for another ‘family internal‘ constellation to kick ass:

“Kottak“ (the band fronted by legendary SCORPIONS drummer James Kottak) will be supporting EDGUY during the European leg of the tour. More updates coming soon...

Metal Hammer, Rock It & Musix present:


Special Guest: Kottak (feat. James Kottak, Scorpions)

Sept 23 - SWE - Malmö, KB
Sept 24 - SWE - Gothenborg, Trädgarn
Sept 25 - SWE - Stockholm, Tyrol
Sept 27 - GER - Hamburg, Docks
Sept 28 - GER - Berlin, Columbia Club
Sept 30 - GER - Essen, Grugahalle
Oct 01 - GER - Fulda, Wartenberg Oval
Oct 02 - GER - Bamberg, Arena
Oct 04 - GER - Filderstadt, Filharmonie
Oct 06 - CZE - Prague, KD Vitavska
Oct 07 - GER - Langen, Stadthalle
Oct 10 - ITA - Milan, Alcatraz
Oct 11 - SUI - Pratteln, Z7
Oct 12 - FRA - Lyon, Transbordeur
Oct 14 - ESP - Madrid, Heineken
Oct 15 - ESP - Barcelona, Apollo
Oct 16 - ESP - Bilbao, Rock Star
Oct 18 - GER - Saarbrücken, Garage
Oct 19 - FRA - Paris, Bataclan
Oct 21 - GER - Memmingen, Kaminwerk
Oct 22 - GER - Straubing, Messehalle
Oct 23 - CZE - Zlin, Rock Cafe

Tickets for the German shows at www.metaltix.de
April 06, 2011
After a successful world tour with more than 100 concerts all over the globe in support of their latest release "Tinnitus Sanctus" in 2008, Edguy have entered the studio to record a new album. Still under the influence of their arena tour as special guests of "the Scorpions" and the latest "Avantasia" world tour (featuring Tobias Sammet and Felix Bohnke), Edguy feel it's about time to squeeze their energy on tape in a recording studio again. This time the band has chosen the famous Peppermint-Park in Hannover (Scorpions, Phil Collins), according to the band " a recording temple with a tremendously great sounding room". Tobias comments: "We have chosen the Peppermint Park to record the basics there. I had done a few little bits and pieces for Avantasia there, but it's so great to record drums and stuff like Hammond B3 with a big bad fat mean Leslie there. The room is big and the sound is mean! We were always striving for a powerful but natural sound. I guess we had a good sound recently, but I think there is always room to improve. The more I listen to what's going on in the Heavy Metal world these days, the more I long for drums that sound like drums. I want them to sound powerful without sounding like Atari. Sascha and I came to the conclusion that we have to start from scratch and do things the way they have to be done, not the fashionable way. I don't want a distorted master-copy, just so it is loud enough on an iPhone or on PC-speakers. If you talk to your most fancy producer he will say something like: "Well, it's the sign of the times, you have to be able to compete in the loudness war..." What the fuck?! If I want it to be loud I turn up the stereo. I want dynamics, room, a real big sound, not that distorted trendy compression. Why don't we all move back a little and record great sounding music, not loud sounding music? Do a Google search for "loudness war" and you'll see what I mean. Whatever, the new songs sound great, we have thirteen of them, and we'll pick maybe ten and put them on the album. We have anthemic melodies, although it's not kitsch. When you record anthemic music, you tend to be dangerously close to kitsch, it's a fine line and I think we balance on that fine line pretty well. To cut a long story a little insignificantly shorter: I just think it is great, and that's what counts. Real music, you know? We'll keep you informed, if you want it or not! ;-) - Tobi
March 14, 2011
“We are deeply shocked about the tragedy in Japan. We have always had a very intense relationship with Japan, we have been to Japan many times, doing promotional tours and countless concert tours with Edguy and Avantasia. Hospitality and love have always been unparalleled and made us feel welcome every single time have been invited to be your guests. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our friends, fans and everyone in Japan. I ask everybody out there to pray for our friends and everybody in Japan and everyone affected!“ - Tobi & Edguy
January 24, 2011
The Edguy online shop has now been stocked with new items including stickers, underwear, shirts, hoodies, and plenty of more great stuff. Click here to browse the shop and check out some of the old and new designs.
January 24, 2011
Good news for all Norwegian Edguy maniacs: From July 7th till July 10th the Norway Rock Festival will take place in Kvinesda and Edguy will be on the bill. This will mark Edguy's first appearance in Norway in over ten years and the first ever open air show for Edguy in Norway!

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