June 10, 2014
In September EDGUY will set off on the SPACE POLICE EUROPEAN TOUR. Special Guests will be FREEDOM CALL (Scandinavia), UNISONIC (Switzerland, Italy & Germany except Cologne) and MASTERPLAN (Switzerland, France, Spain & Cologne). Now an opening act has been confirmed for the German and Italian dates: STARCHILD.

Tobias says: "It's been a long tradition for EDGUY to take bands that we like and that are worth being checked out by our audience. STARCHILD play traditional Melodic Metal the way it's supposed to be played. They're featuring members of Grave Digger, Gamma Ray and even Helge Schneider. Well played, well produced. Our fans are going to love them!"
May 15, 2014
In September EDGUY will hit the road to tour Europe in support of their new chart-breaking album “SPACE POLICE - Defenders Of The Crown“ (eg #2 in Germany). The booking agency has just confirmed the bands that will join EDGUY on the road:

In Italy, Switzerland and Germany (except Cologne & Hamburg) long time friends UNISONIC will be the special guest act. In Scandinavia it will be FREEDOM CALL instead, whereas in Spain & France MASTERPLAN will support EDGUY. For England SKARLETT RIOT and THE WILD LIES have been confirmed.

Tickets are on sale, check the tour section at www.edguy.net for ticket information and to make sure you get your tickets before they sell out!

SPACE POLICE WORLD TOUR - European Leg pt. 1

12.09.14 UK - Manchester, Sound Control (+ Skarlett Riot & The Wild Lies)
13.09.14 UK - Nuneaton, Queens Hall (+ Skarlett Riot & The Wild Lies)
14.09.14 UK - London, Islington Academy (+ Skarlett Riot & The Wild Lies)
19.09.14 GER - Hamburg, Markthalle (Festival)
20.09.14 SWE - Malmö, KB (+ Freedom Call)
21.09.14 SWE - Göteborg, Brewhouse (+ Freedom Call)
23.09.14 SWE - Lulea, Kulturens Hus (+ Freedom Call)
24.09.14 FIN - Jyväskylä, Lutakko (+ Freedom Call)
25.09.14 FIN - Helsinki, Tavastia (+ Freedom Call)
27.09.14 GER - Bremen, Aladin (+ Unisonic)
28.09.14 GER - Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle (+ Unisonic)
30.09.14 GER - München, Backstage (+ Unisonic)
02.10.14 GER - Bamberg, Brose Arena (+ Unisonic)
03.10.14 GER - Filderstadt, Filharmonie (+ Unisonic)
04.10.14 GER - Kaufbeuren, All Kart Halle (+ Unisonic)
06.10.14 ITA - Rome, Orion (+ Unisonic)
07.10.14 ITA - Milan, Live Club (+ Unisonic)
09.10.14 GER - Saarbrücken, Garage (+ Unisonic)
10.10.14 GER - Fulda, Wartenbergoval (+ Unisonic)
11.10.14 GER - Langen/Frankfurt, Stadthalle (+ Unisonic)
13.10.14 SUI - Pratteln, Z7 (+ Unisonic & Masterplan)
14.10.14 FRA - Lyon, Le Transbordeur (+ Masterplan)
15.10.14 FRA - Bordeaux, Theatre Barbey (+ Masterplan)
17.10.14 ESP - Madrid, Penélope (+ Masterplan)
18.10.14 ESP - Bilbao, Santana 27 (+ Masterplan)
19.10.14 ESP - Barcelona, Razzmatazz (+ Masterplan)
21.10.14 GER - Köln, Live Music Hall (+ Masterplan)
22.10.14 FRA - Paris, La Cigale (+ Masterplan)
May 07, 2014
With their new album “SPACE POLICE - Defenders Of The Crown“ EDGUY have not only conquered the charts all over Europe and Japan (eg #2 in Germany), they have also made it to No 23 of the world charts. The world charts combine all international artist's album sales - worldwide. What is especially interesting is that the album had not even been released on markets such as Asia & North, Central and South America in that particular week. In America & Asia the album has been made available only one week later!
May 07, 2014
Not only in Europe the new EDGUY album “SPACE POLICE - Defenders Of The Crown“ is a great success. Yesterday the album has also entered the Japanese album charts on No 37. This marks EDGUY‘s highest Japanese chart entry ever. Not only has the prestigious Burrn magazine given the album a huge cross review feature with the best scores an EDGUY album has ever received, it also seems like the fans of the world‘s most prestigious market for “European Power Metal“ appreciate the quality of one of EDGUY‘s heaviest, most powerful and most diverse albums ever, too. Right now the band is busy with promotion, we‘ll try to get a statement of them shortly, and post it at www.edguy.net!
May 03, 2014
Never before an EDGUY album has achieved such an amazing chart performance as the new output "SPACE POLICE - Defenders Of The Crown". In their 22 years of existence EDGUY haven't had similar results, neither in France, nor in Germany, Chech Republic, Finland, Austria or England.

Chart results so far read as follows

England #1 Rock (#82 all longplay)
Germany #2
Czech Republic #8
Finland #12
Switzerland #13
Austria #27
Sweden #28
France #53
Spain #59
Belgium #139
May 03, 2014
Tonight at 11PM CET EDGUY will perform their song "Love Tyger" (taken from the new album "SPACE POLICE - Defenders Of The Crown") on national German television during the walk-in of boxing world champion Arthur Abraham who's gonna fight with Nikola Sjekloca at the Velodrom in Berlin.

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