November 28, 2008
I've just been told that I might have said something that pissed some people off, some comment about the USA that I made in an interview. I don’t get it at all: I never said that I hate the USA, it’s a great country and I have a lot of friends in the USA and I feel it is disrespectful to them to say that I hate the whole fucking country and the great people I’ve met there. Don’t misuse my statements!!! Like in every country I think a lot of things go wrong there, I just said that I don’t wanna live over there. So, what’s the point??? I just wanna live at home, in good old Germany. I don’t know why people are so aggressive when it comes to honest statements, I was asked questions in an interview and I replied honestly.

This was not meant to be a political statement. If some asshole wants to misuse my statements for some racist purpose, I get fucking mad. I've been told that people started to discuss about the second world war, about immigrants, about black people... People: This is Rock N Roll!!!! There is no place for racism in my life! We are one fucking world!!! America, Russia, Australia, Europe... I love aspects of Amercia and I love aspects of Brazil, Germany, any country... We are one fucking world. If you misuse my statement for a racists issue: FUCK YOU!!! Now go hug each other! This music is meant to make people come together, not the opposite!!! -Tobias
November 24, 2008
The new Edguy album "Tinnitus Sanctus" is out now, we have spoken to Tobias about what's been going on recently, about what's up in the Edguy and Avantasia camp. Follow this link to read what he has to say.
November 16, 2008
The new album "Tinnitus Sanctus” is out now. Follow this link to get the limited edition. For Ticket information for the forthcoming world tour check the tour section.
November 13, 2008
Tonight, November 13th Tobias is gonna be guest of the show "Madhouse" on German Radio HR3 from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Also check the tour section for new tour dates: The Tinnitus Sanctus world tour is gonna come to Japan!
November 09, 2008
For the release of their new album "Tinnitus Sanctus" (out on November 14th) Edguy will embark on a radio and signing session tour in Germany. On November, 7th they were already in Munich at Radio Rockantenne to play 6 songs live in the studio. Originally meant to be just a little accoustic show, the band asked to play fully amplified all amps on ten in front of 30 winners of a competition in the conference room of the radio station. The show will be broadcast Tuesday, November 11th on Rockantenne.

Further public appearances:

Nov, 13th Signing session, Mediamarkt Wiesbaden, 5:00 pm
Nov, 14th Signing session, Saturn Fürth, 5:00 pm
Nov, 15th Signing session, Mediamarkt Weiterstadt, 5:00 pm
Nov, 17th Signing session, Saturn Münster, 5:00 pm

Furthermore Tobias will guest at the following radio shows:

Nov, 13th HR3 Madhouse 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Nov, 14th Radio Gong, Nürnberg - 10:30 am
Nov, 15th - Die Neue 107,7 - Stuttgart - 12:00 am

In Germany there will be a limited edition of the album handsigned by all band members, (handsigned versions available as long as supplies last) here.
November 09, 2008
Tobias will be guest on the forthcoming album of former KISS-guitarist Bruce Kulick, which also features Gene Simmons (KISS), John Corabi (ex-Mötley Crüe), Eric Singer (KISS) and some more musicians that you will be familiar with. Follow this link to hear what Tobias has to say about the colaboration.

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